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Hello, I am Carole Shashona,

I feel it is important to integrate Style and Luxury with intention, for "Empowerment" in today’s busy world.

The “Black by Carole,” Collections combine both beauty with purpose and to capture the “Spirit” of the mountains, shimmering lights of the waters and caves found in Africa and Asia.

My signature coin, is a quick reminder for empowering “The Power of Wellness.” A reminder to take a moment and Be.

Be-still, Be-strong and Be-calm, offering a life compass, keeping one on course. The coin is a visible and portable, energizer to boost women “on the go” helping attain personal fulfillment.



About Carole

Carole is recognized as the only Asian trained American Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui. She is the creator of “Meditation-on-the-Go”, an effective way to meditate and quickly de-stress, encouraging continuous harmony to each participant. Each collection is inspired to create positive change in the care of well-being, preserve cultures, and Empower women.

Her jewelry, inhalation mists, and meditation candles are the epitome to her approach.

Blessings, Carole

About the Company CSMD

Carole started building her company thirty years ago after being given the title of Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui. She used her rich education and teachings to create one of the most well-known interior design firms, catering to celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, prominent hotels, and cultural institutions.

She began designing jewelry in 1991, emphasizing spirituality and luxury, incorporating her interior style, and using color for function. With increasing popularity and favorable press, Neiman Marcus and luxury boutiques carried her collection.

Recognized as an authority of color and fashion she authored Feng Shui Chic, published by Simon and Schuster. Her book became a fashion “must have”, bringing her blend of Style and Sprit to the masses.

Currently, Carole’s signature approach from styling celebrities to jewelry design has made her a leader in the fashion world.


I believe Fashion combined with specific jewelry adornment can empower us, enhance self-expression, and transform personal confidence. Every collection tells a story.  The coin is symbolic of teamwork that empowers self and others.