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“Jewelry is an adornment, but it’s also a tool, “says Carole. It is important for a woman to feel great about herself. Made of all natural stones, my Haute Couture Collections range from statement earrings to spiritual gem bracelets with symbolic Black Diamond-Diamond Necklaces.

As a Mode Fashion Stylist, I love designer clothing and create accessories to enhance the personality of each woman to compliment the designer’s motif. As my client’s life changed and manifested itself, I was thrilled to hear of their empowered moments!”

The Black Diamond Collections (available exclusively through Barneys New York) exudes art deco style and modern pop forms entwined with a spiritualism that harkens to the Far East. Glamorous, intricately detailed and imbued with spiritually symbolic gems providing women with modern day talismans that inspire meditation on the go. Her collection is a favorite among celebrities such as Melissa McCarthy, Oprah Winfrey, Simon Cowell, Eva Longoria, Julie Chen, and more.

Credits: A design graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, Grand Master in the art of Feng Shui, Mode Fashion Stylist, ASID Interior Designer, and Author of Simon and Schuster's Feng Shui Chic. Inspired, Carole launched her Haute Couture Black Diamond jewelry collections, promoting the arts of being, spirit, mind, and body coming together with stunning results.