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Q&A With Carole

Why have you created jewelry for the “Power of Wellness,” not just for fashion, and as, a fashion accessory?
I have created my Black Diamond Jewelry for “women on the go” helping them to take a moment and “be” – meditative moment. This will help them not only look beautiful with jewelry but feel beautiful within.

Why do you use the medium of the Black Diamonds?
I feel the Black Diamonds are Luxurious, Mysterious and Beautiful –It’s just like a mirror – reflective of the woman.

Why have you paired Black Diamonds for Wellness?
For centuries Black Diamonds are associated as protectors, I also love them as they capture the art of Shan Shui.

Why have you created the Black Diamond Lotus & Goddess Collection?
As a daily reminder, for women “on the go”, not only a beautiful metaphor, but a meaningful accessory to wear.

What is Carole’s Black Diamond “Mala” bracelet?
My bracelets are constructed like Mala beads. The center bead represents the person. The two side beads are protectors. The roundels are spacers - reminders to take a Breath.

Why does your jewelry have a coin? What is the meaning?
The meaning of the coin is two-fold:
1st: Coin is symbolic of protection, health and wellness. It will bring you peace, harmony and blessings within.
2nd: I feel the symbol of the coin is offered as an exchange of energy for a balanced relationship.

Why do you encourage women to empower themselves?
It’s important for everyone to take a moment to empower. Women are often nurturing family, friends and the home and don’t have time for themselves, becoming tired, confused, often ill. By nurturing themselves they discover the “Power of Wellness” and empowerment of self and uncover the secret for their well-being.